La vida espartana... sin ti

Tengo tantas cosas que contarte: tus cabellos, tus sonrisas, tus mimos...

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— François Miville-Deschênes

Kind of a beautiful gaul girl!
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The Enchantress by MikeMahle

Er, well! :) Totally and absolutely enchanted. Nice to meet you B( . )( . )Bs!
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Totalla awesome!
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The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (1983-1985)“”Snoopy and the Giant”

Nothing has changed, I loved that Show!
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Michael Wlliam Kaluta CD art for Glenn Danzig’s Black Aria, 1992

I’m a fallen angel and someone is taking me back to heaven. Whenever I felt totally collapsed, she’s giving a breathe of hope, a new expectation. Oh! I wish this never ends!
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Well, you’re technically not wrong.

Well, as in Mexico is said: cousin of the cousin of the cousin of the cousin of the invited who actually didn’t show up at tea party!

A veces uno se encuentra cosas totalmente fuera de lugar, como si hubiese habido un tĂșnel del tiempo

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For the boob-lovers…

This is for you david

Thxs a lot. I’m David, Dave 4 U sweetie, unfortunately I’m mastering someone else, and I like her. :) Oh! I see, it was another David, that’s cool.