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I wear what I want - Michael Foulkrod

My arianne lady! :)

Noticias MVS

POOR MEXICO! Well inmersed in a continous civilian unrest, where “el narco”, drug smullers, killers and all kind of mercenaries, unleashed from the hands of their already dead or agonizing capos, act with uncivilised cruelty against people, minor devoted to their duty policemen or even other like guerrilla or other armed arms threatening their territory: Tierra Caliente, in Michoacan State, La Costa Grande or La Montaña, in Guerrero, El Municipio (County) de San Fernando, in Tamaulipas. 

Even worst, the fact is that in all the three kinds of goverment: county, state and federal (all Mexico) there are goverment agents colluded with them, sucking wealth, money, food, eveything that can be sell, from people.

This mass, helded befront the Secretaria de Gobernacion (Departament of State, Ministery of the Interior) is for the peaceful rest of a mother, the one of a Federal Policeman, desappeared in Tierra Caliente, Michoacan, probably dead by now, maybe he didn’t want to accept the corrupt legacy that is there in that police departament, maybe he just had the misfortune to face death in a “Reten Clandestino” some sort of illegal by the road stop, held by narcos or their gunmen, so they control life and business of much more mexican than you would believe.

Well, among other things, this is upsetting a lot of people, but… would be another answer, rather to expect an unrealistic reduction of the crime, the brutality of both, criminals and goverment, the cinism of goverment, mafia and, I’m afraid, some civilian groups, namely, those who held the very real power in Mexico?Las mentiras de EPN-The Lies of a mexican president

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80s fantasy artwork by Clyde Caldwell

I wish she was my queen! Reina Sierpe!
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Here’s a list of fun (and entertaining!) cartoons, videos, and films you can watch in your target language! 
로보카폴리 (a fun animated series with talking cars)
내친구호비 (My Friend Hebi)
Cute penguin cartoon
Cute series with cartoon animals
Illustrated animal cartoon
..Another similar series
Tobot (또봇) short minute-long clips
Tobot (또봇) full 1 hour episodes
Hello Kitty in Korean
Mr Men & Little Miss
Channel with many different playlists for complete series
Another channel full of videos
Cute Penguin Animated Series
Korean short story/song videos (Umbrella) (Little Red Riding Hood) (Hansel & Gretel)
Nijntje en Vriendjes
Mr. Men Little Miss(Short 3 minute long videos)
Japanese short stories for children
Nihongo Dekimasu (Complete series for learning Japanese)
Hebi Japanese
More Hebi
More Cartoons
Japanese Versions of English Songs!       
Disney Songs in Japanese
Fireman Sam (Feuerwehrmann Sam)
Plötzlich Meerjungfrau (H2O Just Add Water)
Peppa Wutz (Peppa Pig)
Mandarin Chinese
Growing up with Chinese (Complete series for learning Chinese)
Sesame Street - Fun Fun Elmo Series
Hello Kitty 1 Hello Kitty 2 Hello Kitty 3
Hongen Education - Fun Chinese for Kids
Miss Panda’s Reading Plaground (children’s books read aloud)
Youtube channel full of Chinese children’s stories
This channel also has some videos…
And another
More videos
Mandarin Chinese short story/song videos
Cute animal songs
Oui Oui (Noddy)
LES AVENTURES DE TINTIN (Tintin cartoon - complete series)
Sam le Pompier (Fireman Sam)
Petit Ours Brun
Peppa Couchon (Peppa Pig - full episodes)
A channel with a few videos to explore
Peppa Pig in Spanish
Spanish Versions of English Songs
Kevin Karla & la Banda
GetMovies - A whole Youtube channel full of great quality animated films in Russian
Peppa Pig in Russian
Masha and Medved
P.S. I’ll be adding more links! If you know of any other foreign language children’s films / cartoons, please let me know!

Lauras Stern
Die Schlümpfe

I really love cartoons, though in my youth seemed to be rather scarcely updated.
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For The Masses:
More Here

Reblog to save a life.


Sadly, being in the humanities means that I will almost NEVER find my books for free online (since most aren’t technically text books) but this is for others, hope this helps :(

I like to read, but I guess I stay here in Tumblr also for other reasons. Anyway, let’s share a free internet
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Tumblr Filing to FCC


"Tumblr is an online media network, comprised of over 200 million blogs and 400 million monthly unique visitors, that allows its users to effortlessly post all forms of media, including text, images, and videos, from their desktop and mobile devices. In addition to creating and…

We need speech freedom, that’s all.

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The wormhole edge
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